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Approved by

Directive No 21 of

Director General,

16 June 2006


1.      General provisions


1.1.  Pursuant to the National Library of Estonia Act and the Legal Deposit Act, the objective of the compilation of the Estonian national bibliography is the state bibliographic registration (hereafter registration) of Estonian items (hereafter national items).

1.2.  Items issued in Estonia in any languages and items issued abroad in the Estonian language regardless of the type of information carrier and date of publication are considered national items.

1.3.  In addition to national items the following foreign language publications belonging to the Estonian cultural and scientific heritage issued outside Estonia are registered in the national bibliography:

1.3.1.      items based on Estonian-language originals, i.e. translations from Estonian;

1.3.2.      foreign language originals by Estonian authors or those of Estonian origin;

1.3.3.      sheet music and audiovisual documents by Estonian authors or those of Estonian origin.

1.3.4.      laws, regulations and circulars that were valid only in the Baltic provinces of the Russian Empire.

1.3.5.      Textbooks published in the Baltic provinces of the Russian Empire to be used in the schools of Estonian and/or Livonian provinces;

1.3.6.      textbooks published in other regions of the Russian Empire that were permitted or recommended by the education curator for use only in the Baltic provinces (the publication must contain a corresponding permit or recommendation).

 1.4.  Access to the national bibliographic data on the Internet is provided by the database specified in clause 2.1., except for the graphic publications data, access to which will be provided through personal computers at the Fine Arts Information Centre.


2.      Registration Principles

2.1.  Registration shall be provided in the Estonian national bibliography database (hereafter ERB) that is maintained in accordance with “The Statutes for the Maintenance of the Estonian National Bibliography Database”. The registration of graphic publications is provided in the local database.

2.2.  The condition for registration is the publication of an item. An item is deemed published provided that the item is placed, with the consent of the author, at the disposal of the public in the quantity that will enable the public to examine or obtain it, or when it is provided with Internet access.

2.3.  Items will be registered within one month after the receipt of the item by the Library.

2.4.  Retrospectively are registered all publications issued before the current calendar year.

2.5.  A bibliographic unit subject to registration is the physical embodiment of an expression of a work;

2.5.1. Different embodiments may be reprints, different formats (e.g. html, pdf, etc), different carriers (e.g. printed books – web monographs, audio cassettes – CD, VHS-DVD, etc.);

2.5.2. Impressions and offprints, and preservation or user copies of items which are produced by the means of photocopying, microfilming, digitising or in any other way, are not considered as separate bibliographic units;

2.5.3. Separate bibliographic descriptions shall be compiled for different embodiments of an expression of a work.


3.      Selection Principles of Registration

3.1. The following items are registered in the ERB:

3.1.1.      books and pamphlets, monographs issued as continuing publications, including items in the Braille alphabet, electronic and web publications. The national bibliography does not register items of limited usage (e.g departmental regulations and reports) and temporary nature, standards, patents, and booklets (see the appendix to the instructions for the acquisition of items “Guidelines for booklets”);

3.1.2.      serials and other continuing resources – journals, newspapers, newsletters, continuations, integrating resources, including items and electronic and web publications in the Braille alphabet. The national Bibliography does not register contents of periodical publications, periodically published crosswords and booklets issued on the Internet (see the appendix to the instructions for the acquisition of items “Guidelines for booklets”);

3.1.3.      sheet music – independently issued publications, i.e. single sheet music containing one work, collections of sheet music, also such teaching music material of the amount of which at least half represents notation of music works or their parts, and workbooks for music instruction, including electronic and web publications;

3.1.4.      audiovisual items – audio discs, audio cassettes, CDs, video cassettes, DVDs, and items containing audio visual information, including audiovisual items that have been issued as additions to another bibliographic unit and that are identified as individual bibliographic units. Audiovisual documents issued on the Internet are not registered.

3.1.5.      map publications – globes, maps, atlases, including maps and plans that were designed for limited readership or written by hand, prints from digital map databases, electronic and web publications, folders, schemes, plans, contour maps workbooks containing cartographic information; maps published in books and periodical publications or as their appendixes and that have been identified as individual bibliographic units;

3.1.6.      graphic publications – posters and postcards on which it is possible to identify their publisher or designer;

3.1.7.      multimedia documents that have been issued on a physical information carrier.

3.2.       For the registration of documents published before 1945 selection principles different from those specified in clauses 3.1.1. - 3.1.6.may be applied.



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