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Books comprise the bulk of the collections of the National Library, altogether more than two millions copies. Most of them are traditional publications; however, the proportion of electronic books is constantly increasing. The oldest book stored in the Rare Books Collection is Copulata super tres libros Aristotelis De anima published in Cologne in 1486.

The major part of the books consists of publications acquired as national items, in addition, foreign-language publications on Estonia or ethnic groups or individuals who have lived/are living in Estonia are acquired. As a research and parliamentary library, books in the fields of the humanities and social sciences as well as law, economics, politics and other societal sciences are acquired. When acquiring foreign-language books published abroad, publications issued in the neighbouring countries, the European Union member states, and in the United States of America are preferred. More information on the acquisition fields and items can be found on the Subject guide homepage.

The majority of books are described in the online catalogue ESTER; to find Russian-language publications, also the card catalogue located in the Reference Reading Room should be used. A thematic selection of books is available on the open access shelves in the General and specialised reading rooms. Books can be used in the reading rooms or borrowed home according to the Rules for Users of the National Library or ordered via the inter-library loan (ILL).

Both national and foreign electronic publications are available in the National Library. Estonian e-books are stored in the digital archive DIGAR. These publications are found through DIGAR, the online catalogue ESTER and through different other databases.

The foreign e-books are available via library`s Federated Search Portal.