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Computers, Internet, WiFi

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The use of NLE’s computers is regulated by Rules for using computer workstations.

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Правила пользования компютерами

Changing software settings and downloading additional software is prohibited.

Our computers

NLE provides users with different types of computers:

1. Quick search PCs for using online catalogue ESTER.
2. User PCs equipped with Chromium (web browser), LibreOffice (ET), document viewer Atril, ID-card software (ET), archive management software (ET). All saved data will be deleted from PCs (exc. multimedia PCs) after logging out. After finishing your work and logging out, the saved data cannot be restored!
3. Multimedia PCs equipped with Mozilla Firefox, OpenOffice (EN).
4. Computer workstation for using ArcGIS Desktop 10 map software in the Cartography and geography reading room
5. Authorised workplace – access to copyrighted publications available in digital archive DIGAR.

Other devices

Electronic magnifier in the Reference Reading Room on the 5th floor
2 microfilm readers in the Reference Reading Room on the 5th floor

Peripheral devices

• ID-card reader
• DVD player in multimedia computers
• USB port
• Audio input/output. Headphones are lent by reading room consultants.
• ET/RU keyboards


Handling documents

All documents (incl. e-mail attachments, on the web or USB flash drive), that are intended to be saved, have to be downloaded to desktop or a folder. If you open a document straight from the web or e-mail inbox, then your changes will not be saved. Avoid changing the original file; instead use the command “Save As” and give the changed document a new name. This way you will have two documents – the original and the changed version. Always keep the original file on your e-mail account or on a USB flash drive and make changes in the document downloaded to desktop.
After finishing your work, we recommend logging out by clicking the button in the lower-right corner.
All saved files and browser history will be deleted after logging out.

Printing from reader computers

Before printing from the web, we recommend using “Print Preview” because the outcome may not look like it seems from the monitor. In case you wish to print a large PDF document (more than 30 pages) straight from the web the computer will probably crash, restart or the browser will give an error report. To avoid this incident you have to download the PDF document to your desktop, open it there and print after that.



All NLE’s readers and visitors have the opportunity to use our WiFi with no time limit. It is a public network that everyone can join, so the library cannot ensure safety. Users carry the responsibility for their smart devices. Using WiFi you must follow EENet Acceptable Use Policy  and good practice. Public network enables sending e-mails through web based servers. Reading rooms, foyer and conference rooms are mainly in the WiFi range. Individual study rooms that are for rent are not in the WiFi range.

In case of problems connecting to WiFi:
1. Make sure that the WiFi connection is allowed and turned on.
2. Make sure that you are connecting the network „nlib-lugejad“.
3. After connecting, open your browser to access the NLE’s regulations and as a last step accept them. Without acceptance, the Internet connection will not be allowed.
4. Make sure that the device’s IP address is obtained automatically. Otherwise, access to the WiFi network will not be allowed.