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Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 12-19.
The book return box is in Endla 3, Mo-Su 7-22


Information on the European Union

The European Union Information Centre is located on the 5th floor of the Library.

Open Mon-Fri 11-20, Sat 12-19

Phone 630 7330, e-mail elik at nlib dot ee


Information search training on the European Union is provided on request.

You may also call the national euro information phone at 800 3330 free of charge (open Mon-Fri 11-17)

How to find literature

Online catalogue ESTER – a shared catalogue of the ELNET Consortium members that contains information on Estonian and foreign-language books and periodical publications. The publications of the open access collection of the European Union Centre in the ESTER catalogue.

The list of new literature related to the European Union is released 10 times a year.

The thematic abstract publication Summaria Europensia contains Estonian-language summaries of relevant articles published in the foreign press, indexes of literature and Internet sources. Issued 3-4 times a year. Suggestions and comments: elik at nlib dot ee  ISSN 1736-9010

2011: 02, European integration and diplomacy
           01, Free movement of services

2010: 04, European Union agencies
           O3, Patient and healthcare provider mobility in the European Union
           02, European Union climate change policy
           01, European Commission

2009: 04, European Union and copyright
           03, Common foreign and security policy before and after the Lisbon Treaty
           02, European Parliament
           01, European Union audiovisual and media policy

How to find academic publications and articles

European Sources Online - a collection of databases that focuses on the economy, policies and law of the European Union and the countries of Europe. Contains full texts, abstracts, legislation, press releases, etc.

Federated Search Portal of the National Library – enables you to search in one or simultaneously several databases in a uniform environment. Contains book catalogues, databases of articles, and other selected websites.

Law Journal Library (HeinOnline) – offers legal (incl European Union law) articles from collections and other periodical publications.

Westlaw – one of the world’s most comprehensive databases covering the Anglo-American legal system. Offers also European Union legislation and judicial decisions. The database provides electronic access to the law journals European Law Review and European Competition Law Review subscribed for the European Union Information Centre.

Academic journals subscribed for the European Union Information Centre. Journals with electronic access can be found in the catalogue e-journals A-Z.  In addition to publications with purchased access, one can also find free e-journals here.

Database of articles ISE – a database of articles compiled on the basis of newspapers, journals and article collections issued in Estonia. Articles related to the European Union can be searched across the whole database or the thematic database ISE social sciences. Includes also Estonica.

Bibliographia Iuridica Estonica (BIE) -  a bibliographic database covering publication in the area of law issued in Estonia, writings by Estonian authors published abroad, and graduation theses  from the years 1918-1941 and beginning from the year 1991.

Summaria Iuridica – an abstract publication that offers Estonian-language summaries of writings in the area of law published in the foreign press (incl material on the European Union) and thematic selected bibliographies.

How to find European Union legislation

EUR-Lex  - a database on European Union law, treaties, international agreements, and legal decisions.

Official Journal of the European Union – L-series (legislation) and C-series (information and notices)

Pre-Lex – a database of inter-institutional procedures, includes the major stages of the decision-making process

Legislative Observatory – the European Union decision-making process, relevant events and key persons.

Summaries of European Union legislation – covers the main aspects of the European Union.

European Court of Justice

Where else to find information on the European Union

European Intergration History Index

AEI – the Pittsburg University database that contains official documents on the European Union and materials of independent research institutions dealing with European integration.

Historical Archives – a database of the historical archives of the European Commission

ECLAS – the European Commission Library Catalogue

Thesaurus Eurovoc – relations between the terms in the areas of law connected with activities of European Union institutions and the hierarchy.

EU Bookshop – the catalogue of European Union publishers.