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The National Library of Estonia has a long-term tradition of introducing its collections and Estonian cultural heritage in Estonia and abroad, and foreign art in Estonia through different exhibitions.

The Exhibitions Department was founded on 1 May 1994 and by now it has developed into a centre that organises and coordinates exhibition activities in the National Library of Estonia, compiles and mediates travelling exhibitions in Estonia and foreign countries.

Five galleries, that provide a diverse range of exhibition opportunities, are located on different floors of the National Library building.

The permanent exhibitions include the Eduard Wiiralt Gallery, the Estonian State Decorations Gallery and the exposition that introduces the history of the National Library of Estonia.

Also, many works by Estonian artists are displayed at the Library.

Exhibitions can be visited during the opening hours of the Library.


Head: Ave Tölpt

tel 630 7150, 5680 7150, e-mail: Ave.Toelpt@nlib.ee

Project Manager: Lea Hein

tel 630 7148, e-mail: Lea dot Hein at nlib dot ee

Project Manager: Virge Loo 

tel 630 7148, e-mail: Virge.Loo@nlib.ee

Graphic Designer: Viktor Gurov 

tel 6 30 7138, e-mail: Viktor.Gurov@nlib.ee

Technical Specialist: Rein Eskel

tel 630 7132, e-mail: Rein dot Eskel at nlib dot ee


E-mail of the Department: expo at nlib dot ee

Offices 4013, 4014, 4015.