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Information on history


The open access collection of publications on history is located in the Humanities Reading Room on the 7th floor.

How to find literature

Online catalogue ESTER - a joint catalogue of the ELNET Consortium member libraries that contains information on Estonian and foreign-language books and periodical publications.
Card catalogues – literature acquired by the Library before 1999 can be found in the alphabetical and classified catalogues located in the Reference Reading Room on the 5th floor.

List of new books in the humanities – a list on the homepage of the National Library provides information on recent additions in the fields of the humanities, including history, acquired by the Library during the last month. Published ten times a year.

How to find articled published in the Estonian press

Database of Estonian articles ISE – a bibliographic database of the newspapers, journals, collections of articles, and serials published in Estonia. Of foreign publications, articles about Estonia and by Estonian authors are available. Articles on history can be searched across the entire database or in the subject database ISE humanitaaria. The database contains also links to full texts.

Information on articles issued during previous years can be found in the card catalogues and bibliographic publications:

 Winkelmann, Eduard. Bibliotheca Livoniae historica : systematisches Verzeichniss der Quellen und Hülfsmittel zur Geschichte Estlands, Livlands und Kurlands. Berlin, 1878. (literature issued before 1877).

Die livländische Geschichtsliteratur. Riga, 1881-1923. (Covers the years 1879-1913).

Blumfeldt, Evald ; Loone, Nigolas. Bibliotheca Estoniae historica 1877-1917. Tartu : Loodus, 1933-1939. Available electronically via Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Osteuropa
Eesti filoloogia ja ajaloo aastaülevaade
. (Annual Review of Estonian Philology and History) Tartu, 1922-1938. (Covers the years 1918-1931).

Artiklite ja retsensioonide kroonika (Chronicle of Articles and Reviews) 1945-1991.

Eesti rahvusbibliograafia. Artiklid (Estonian National Bibliography)1992-1996

Baltische Bibliographie : Schrifttum über Estland, Lettland, Litauen. Marburg : Herder-Institut, 1954- .

Bibliographia studiorum Uralicorum 1917-1987. Archaeology = Библиографический указатель работ по уралистике. Helsinki ; Москва : Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura ; Aкадемия Наук СССР, 1988.

Revalsche Zeitung : articles 1860-1871: subject, personal and location card catalogues. Located in the Reference Reading Room on the 5th floor

In the Reference Reading Room on the 5th floor are the card catalogues that contain information on articles published before 1940 and in 1945-1998.

Where else to find information on history

Search portal of the National Library enables you to search in one or simultaneously several databases in a uniform environment. Contains library catalogues, databases of articles, and other selected websites. The databases containing information on history are indicated separately. It is possible to find and use all electronic journals accessible via the licensed databases of the National Library and other free-access e-journals. Users may create on the portal personal information or research environments.

E-journals – a foreign-language e-journals alphabetical and subject catalogue which can be browsed also outside the National Library web; however, the journals are available only from the Library computers, unless free access is provided on the Internet.

Subject GatewayHistory - a systematised and indexed search system compiled in the National Library that enables users to find also Estonian and foreign history databases, texts and free-access journals, a selection of library catalogues and portals created elsewhere.

Information on history is also offered by the National Archives of Estonia, Estonian Historical Archives, Estonian State Archives, Estonian Film Archives, Tallinn City Archives , Estonian History Museum, Estonian War Museum, Estonian Literary Museum, S-Keskus – Estonian Research Centre of the Recent History, Museum of Fight for Estonia’s Freedom, Estonian Maritime Museum, and the Museum of Occupations