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Information on International Organisations


The open access collection of international organisations’ publications is located in the Law and International Organisations Reading Room on the 6th floor.

The National Library is a depository library of the following international organisations:
(in brackets is a year of designation) 

  • EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (2005)
  • EU - The European Union (1992)
  • ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organisation (1993)
  • ILO - International Labour Organisation (1992)
  • IMF - International Monetary Fund (2001)
  • IMO - International Maritime Organisation (1993)
  • OECD - Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (2009):
    hard copies, and e-publications via OECD iLibrary
  • OSCE - Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (1996) 
  • UN - United Nations (1993) 
  • UNESCO - UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (1984)
  • UNWTO- World Tourism Organisation (2007)
  • WHO - World Health Organisation (1993)
  • WTO - World Trade Organisation (1993) 

 ... and programmes, institutes, etc.:

  • UNIDROIT - International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (2002)
  • UNRISD - United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (1999)
  • UNU - United Nations University (2009)

In addition, selected publications of other IO’s are available: AI, CoE, EFTA, ICJ, IOM, IPU, NAFTA, NATO, OPEC, OHCHR, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNEP, UNHCR, UNICEF, WB, WIPO.

How to find literature?

Online catalogue ESTER – a joint catalogue of the ELNET Consortium member libraries which contains information on Estonian and foreign-language books and periodicals. 

New acquisitions:

How to find articles issued in the Estonian press? 

ISE : database of Estonian articles – a bibliographic database of articles published in the newspapers, journals, collections of articles, and serials. Of foreign publications, articles about Estonia and by Estonian authors are also available. The database contains links to full texts. 

For earlier years consult a print publication “Artiklite ja retsensioonide kroonika 1945-1998” (Chronicle of Articles and Reviews) and card catalogues of the Reference Reading Room.  

How to find scholarly publications, articles and documents in foreign languages? 

Search portal of the National Library – enables searching in a uniform environment, in one or several databases simultaneously. The portal contains the library catalogues, databases of articles, and other selected websites. Electronic journals are also available. Catalogue of e-journals: A to Z – contains electronic journals access to which was purchased from the database dealer of the publisher; also free-access e-journals.  

Subject gateway : IOs – a systematised and indexed search engine available on the homepage of the National Library which helps to find websites, databases and related information focusing on international organisations. In Estonian only. 

Abstract publications:

International Organizations' journals – available in the Law and International Organisations Reading room.  

Selected databases of international organisations: 

OECD iLibrary – a full-text database of OECD publications; contains books, periodicals and statistical reviews since 1998. Updated continuously as new items are being published.

OECD.Stat – a statistical database on OECD member states and selected non-member economies. 

World Bank e-Library – a full-text database of publications of the World Bank; contains e-books, journal articles, and working papers. Updated continuously as new items are published.

ODS (Official Document System of the UN) – UN documents and resolutions; does not contain international treaties.  

UNBISnet - UN Bibliographic Information System - a catalogue of UN documents and publications, voting results and speeches. Provides access to full texts. 

UNTS (UN Treaty Collection) – a collection of treaties and international agreements registered or filed and recorded with and published by the Secretariat since 1946. Includes the texts of treaties in their authentic language(s), along with translations into English and French. 

UNdata – a joint database of organisations belonging to the UN system. Information may be searched, browsed, combined and downloaded. Participants: ITU, UN, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFCCC, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNPD, UNSD, UNWTO, WB, WHO

IMF eLibrary - access to full texts.

Additional information on international organisations is also offered by