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Journal “Raamatukogu” (The Library)

The journal Raamatukogu (ISSN 0235-0351) is a professional journal of Estonian librarians that is published by the Estonian Librarians’ Association and the National Library of Estonia.

Contents and archive

The first number of Raamatukogu was issued in the edition of the Estonian Librarians’ Association in 1923. The publishing of the journal was discontinued in the 1940s. Since 1990, the journal is published again.
Raamatukogu introduces new trends in librarianship, addresses problems and mediates information on libraries and the Estonian Librarians’ Association.
Raamatukogu includes, in addition to professional articles, also articles on general cultural issues, literature, publishing, book design, book history, bibliophily and other topics related to library science.
The texts published in Raamatukogu may be used as teaching material by students of the Information Studies Department of Tartu University Viljandi Culture Acadamy and the Information Studies Institute of Tallinn University as well as by librarians who take their professional exam.
Raamatukogu is issued six times a year with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Council of Gambling Tax, in black-and-white A4 format. The cover of the journal is coloured. The journal is provided with an English summary of articles.