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Information on law

The open access collection of law publications is located in the Law and International Organisations Reading Room on the 6th floor.

How to find literature

Online catalogue ESTER - a joint catalogue of the ELNET Consortium member libraries that contains information on Estonian and foreign-language books and periodical publications.

Lists of new books:

Bibliographia Iuridica Estonica – a bibliographic database of law compiled by the National Library; contains data from 1918 to 1944, and since 1991. 

Web publication Bibliogrphia Iuridica Estonica – an annual register of publications in the area of law issued in Estonia. Earlier came out as a printed publication, since 2009 is issued electronically. 

Summaria Iuridica – an online publication that contains summaries in Estonian and a selective list of law articles published in foreign journals.

Law Journal Juridica – the journals are in the Law Reading Room; the reader computers provide access to web versions of the journal. 

Juridica International

How to find law articles issued in the Estonian press? 

Database of Estonian articles ISE – a bibliographic database of newspapers, journals, collections of articles, and serials published in Estonia. Articles on law can be searched across the entire database or in the subject database ISE ühiskonnateadused. Contains also Estonica

Information on earlier issued can be found from the card catalogues and the following bibliographic publications:

How to find scholarly publications and articles in foreign languages?

Search portal of the National Library - enables you to search in one or simultaneously several databases in a uniform environment. Contains library catalogues, databases of articles, and other selected websites.

HeinOnline – an archival database of full text law articles. Contains mainly basic journals of America, Australia and Canada and in addition English-language journals from several European publishers (Oxford University Press, Sweet & Maxwell, Blackwell). Includes also the United States Government manual Federal Register and collections of judicial decisions and treaties.

Integrum World Wide (WWW) – a collection of databases focusing on Russia and the CIS countries. 

WestLaw – the Anglo-American legal system.

E-journals – contains electronic journals access to which was purchased from the database dealer of the publisher. Includes also free-access e-journals. 

Law journals

Where else to find information on law

Subject Gateway – Law - a systematised and indexed search system compiled by the National Library which helps to find Estonian and foreign websites on law, free of charge and paid databases, free-access journals, a selection of library catalogues and portals created elsewhere. 

Legislative acts online RIIGI TEATAJA (eRT) – an official register that enables users to search from legal acts. The eRT contains full texts of all legislative acts enforced since 1 June 2002. 

Draft acts

Judicial Decisions 

Search for Judicial Decisions (since 1 January 2006). 

Official Publications – an online official publication. 

Translations of legal acts – legal terminology, translations of Estonian and EU legal acts. 

Supreme Court cases 

EUR-Lex – the database of EU legal acts which contains the Official Journal of the European Union, founding treaties, legislation in force, case-law, and legislative suggestions.


The local databases that can be used in the Law and International Organisations Reading Room on the 6th floor

- Estlex for specialists – full texts of Estonian legal acts since 16 November 1988

- VersijaProf – a full text database of legal acts of the Russian Federation.

- Mezdunarodnoje pravo – a full text database of international legal documents.

- Latviiskii Võpusk – a full text database of legal acts of the Republic of Latvia in Russian.

- Normativni akti Ukraini (Informtechnology JSC) – a full text database of Ukrainian legal acts in Russian.