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National bibliography

 On the basis of the Legal Deposit Act, the Estonian national bibliography records items issued in Estonia in any languages and Estonian-language items, issued abroad.
Estonica, that constitutes a separate part of the national bibliography, includes publications by Estonian authors or foreign-language publications about Estonia and Estonians, issued abroad.

The compilation, recording and selection principles of the Estonian national bibliography are documented in the Bases for the Compilation of the Estonian National Bibliography

The national bibliography is available as web publications and as an online database.

  • publications issued in Estonia in any language
  • publications in the Estonian language issued abroad;
  • works by Estonian authors and their translations regardless of the type of item.

New publications are registered as deposit copies on their arrival to the National Library of Estonia, earlier publications are entered into the database retrospectively step by step.

The founder and maintainer of the database is the National Library of Estonia. The compilation of the database is carried out in collaboration with the Academic Library of Tallinn University and the Estonian Literary Museum.

The national bibliography does not register:

  • items of limited usage and temporary nature
  • departmental regulations
  • reports, standards, patents
  • contents and audiovisual materials of periodical publications
  • periodically issued crosswords and other booklets.


The national bibliography web publications are:
  • The list New Estonian Books contains books published in Estonia in any languages and Estonian-language books, e-publications and non-music audiovisual documents issued outside Estonia. Monthly lists cover new items received by the National Library as legal deposit in the course of one month.
  • The annual publication Serials covers all newspapers, journals, continuing resources and updating loose-leafs that published in Estonia as well as those in the Estonian language published elsewhere during the same year. It includes electronic publications on physical carriers and online publications.