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The recorded sound collection of the National Library is one of the largest in Estonia, containing over 37 000 recordings, among them 23 000 long-playing records (PL), 11 000 CDs and 2 800 audio cassettes.

 The main focus is on acquiring works and recordings of Estonian composers and performers. Since 1959, when the Tallinn Recording Studio started its work, the Library has striven to obtain all the material recorded in Estonia, in addition publications of Estonian composers and interpreters released elsewhere in the world. The Legal Deposit Act, enforced in 1997 provides the receipt of all new sound and video recordings released in Estonia. The National Library holds over 7000 recordings of Estonian music. All Estonian sound recordings are available in the Estonian national bibliography database.

 It became possible to hear the unique sound recordings produced in the first decades of the 20th century thanks to the publications “Eesti heliplaadiarhiiv 1901-1939, compiled by Heino Pedusaar” (Tallinn 2005) and “Estonian Sound Recordings 1939 / Estonian Academy of Music” (Tallinn, 2009).

 When procuring foreign music recordings, in addition to classical music, special attention is paid to contemporary, jazz and folk music. Thanks to a close partnership with the recording engineer and producer Enno and Viive Mäemets who are engaged in music production in Finland, the Library has obtained a diverse collection (more than 600 CDs) of Northern music performed by top interpreters. A collection of recordings produced with different symphony orchestras under Neeme Järvi is imposing: the recordings of the Swedish record company BIS predominantly introduce works of Northern composers; the production of the Chandos company includes mainly world classical music and American composers. In 1997, Hans Teetlaus, an Estonian in exile, donated to the Library a collection of more than 6 000 LPs that contains mainly renditions of classical and vocal music produced in America and Germany in the 1950s/1960s, thus adding to the music holdings a diverse and vast selection of interpreters.

Sound recordings can be found via the online catalogue ESTER. 2 000 sound recordings, which give a survey of the music collection, are displayed on the open access shelves of the Music Reading Room.

 More information from a reference librarian of the Music Reading Room.