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  Dear reader,

The National Library of Estonia has two entrance doors – one you may find in Tallinn at Tõnismägi 2, the other one, www.nlib.ee, you have just opened.

Both of them support the National Library’s functions to be:

- a national library, collecting, storing and making publicly accessible documents published in Estonia or about Estonia, registering Estonian national bibliography and print output statistics and assigning international standard numbers;

- a parliamentary library, providing information services for the Riigikogu and other constitutional institutions;

- a research library, providing information for research activities in the humanities and social sciences and various information services;

- a library research and development centre, coordinating standardisation, organising professional training, contributing to terminology issues;

- a cultural centre where various exhibitions are held, along with performances and other activities.

Our mission is to preserve the Estonian cultural heritage and to be a bridge between people and knowledge.

We value innovation, user orientations, cooperation, cultural heritage and national memory, and reliability.

Our vision is to be a new generation library in the educational and cultural field of Europe.

The essence of the National Library of Estonia is captured in our slogan:

We store knowledge to share it with you!

Janne Andresoo,
Director General, National Library of Estonia