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Estonian periodicals cover Estonian journals and newspapers regardless of the place of publication and foreign-language publications issued in Estonia. The oldest periodical is Liefländische Abhandlungen von der Arzeneywissenschaft, published in Põltsamaa in 1766, and the first Estonian-language magazine Lühhike Öppetus, published in 1766-1767.

Foreign periodicals include periodical publications in the humanities and social sciences from the end of the 17th century. The earlier periodicals are the 1691 and 1694 annual sets of the book history journal Monatliche Unterredungen einiger guten Freunde von allerhand Büchern und andern annemlichen Geschichten issued in Leipzig in 1689-1706.

Periodical publications are described in the online catalogue ESTER; to find a foreign periodical, also a card catalogue of foreign periodicals in the Reference Reading Room shoud be used. A list of foreign periodicals provides an overview of foreign journals acquired by the Library on an ongoing basis. Electronic journals can be found and used through the search portal of the National Library. The National Library stores foreign newspapers of the last three years; the earlier annual sets are stored in the Repository Library of Estonia.

Estonian-language periodicals issued before 1861 and foreign periodicals issued before 1831 are stored in the Rare Books Collection of the National Library and may be used in the Rare Books and Archives Reading Room. Later publications should be ordered from the stacks, current issues and those of the last two years are on the open shelves of the general and specialised reading rooms.

Digitised publications of Estonian periodicals can be read via the database DEA and the digital archive DIGAR. For the use of unique copies you should turn to the Rare Books and Archival Collection Reading Room.