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Posters and postcards



Since 1945, the printing houses have assigned to the Library one legal deposit copy of all posters published in Estonia that resulted in the creation of a presentable collection. The poster collection of more than 18 000 items includes political posters from the 1950s, author posters from the 1980s and cultural posters from the 1990s. 150-200 new posters are added annually.

Since 2010, posters are recorded in the online catalogue ESTER. Retrospectively placards from the 1940s and 1950s are available via the catalogue ESTER.


The postcard collection of the National Library holds more than 70 000 cards.

The oldest part of the collection contains mainly postcards with views of Estonia from 1895-1940. Within the EuropeanaTravel project about 7000 view postcards from this collection will be digitised and recorded in the online catalogue ESTER. Since 1945, the Library receives legal deposit copies of all postcards published in Estonia.

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