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Estonian National Bibliography. Serials
ISSN 1736-8480
Serials covers all newspapers, journals, continuing resources and updating loose-leafs that published in Estonia as well as those in the Estonian language published elsewhere during the same year. It includes electronic publications on physical carriers and online publications. The web address of online publications is given as of the date of description. Serials also contains continuing resources that have been published earlier and first reached the National Library of Estonia in the same year.
Serials does not register printed matter of short-term importance (e.g. telephone directories, publications of an administrative nature, quarterly reports of different institutions, publicity materials etc.).
Information on current publications of serials is available from the Database of Estonian national bibliography (ERB) and the online catalogue ESTER.

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Estonian National Bibliography. Maps
ISSN 1736-2059
As part of the Estonian National Bibliography, Maps records the cartographic material published each year in Estonia and obtained as deposit copies, as well as cartographic documents about Estonia or in Estonian, published elsewhere.Cartographic material published in the years 1986 – 1998 has been recorded in “Estonian National Bibliography. Maps” and material published in 1999 – 2002 in the annual index “Estonian National Bibliography. Books. Maps. Indexes”.Since 2004, the annual index is published as network edition, with the first issue covering bibliographic information on cartographic material published in 2003. In addition, the same information is published in print every two years.
Information on current publications of cartographic material is available from Database of Estonian national bibliography (ERB), the online database of Estonian national bibliography, and the online catalogue ESTER.
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Official publications of Estonia
ISSN 1736-0439
Official Publications of Estonia is a part of National Bibliography and records the publications issued by the order or at the expense of the state institutions of the Republic of Estonia. In 1993-2001 this bibliography was published as a printed matter, from 2002 it will be published electronically on the Internet web site of the National Library of Estonia.
The entries are systematised according to the list of state institutions. The entries of each institution are in alphabetic order. Entries in Russian are listed after Latin alphabet. Duplicate descriptions are marked with asterisk.
Confidential documents, advertisements and publications without durable value comprising less than 4 pages are not registered in the list, neither are scientific and educational literature and the conference materials of public universities and the Academy of Sciences. This publication is based on deposit copies, acquired by the National Library.
Information on current publications is available from Database of Estonian national bibliography (ERB), the online database of Estonian national bibliography and the online catalogue ESTER.
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