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Publishers Portal - a new communication channel between publishers and the National Library


The National Library of Estonia offers to publishers a service that is unique in the whole world – the digital preservation of culture. The new Legal Deposit Copy Act that entered into force in Estonia on 1 January 2017 made it possible and also necessary to move the library’s communication with publishers into the web. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, the National Library developed and launched an electronic environment for publishers – the Publishers Portal. This portal strengthens the image of e-Estonia – the storing of cultural heritage has become digital, resource-saving and convenient.

Kairi Felt, Head of the National Library’s Collection Development Department: „We hope that the newly launched Publishers Portal makes our long-term and pleasant cooperation with publishers increasingly smoother and more efficient. Additional solutions planned for the portal would make it further convenient for publishers to fulfil their new tasks proceeding from the Legal Deposit Copy Act.“

The joint efforts of the National Library and the Ministry of Culture have notably enhanced and modernised cultural heritage preservation. This is an example of Estonia being a pioneer among other countries when speaking about digital developments. The most significant update is related to digital publications which become equally important with print publications. The Act also reduces the need to specially digitise print publications for cultural heritage preservation as new publications will be submitted to the National Library together with their output-ready files.

When the new Legal Deposit Copy Act entered into force, the National Library of Estonia launched its Publishers Portal. It is a platform for handling the entire communication with publishers who can use this environment for notifying of newly published books and uploading the e-books and output-ready files of other publications. This makes cultural heritage preservation considerably more time- and work-saving as it ends the need for manual digitisation of new books.

The files received from publishers for preservation are safely stored in the digital archive DIGAR and the owner or the publisher decides on their access rights: whether access is provided via a computer terminal with no copying and saving facilities, or the publication is accessible without restrictions via the web. There may be cases where publishers cannot submit the output-ready file – e.g when the publication is prepared outside Estonia and the publisher does not possess the complete file. In that case the publisher submits to the National Library four additional copies of the publication under question, one of these will be used for making a digital copy.

The Legal Deposit Copy Act enables an increasingly efficient approach to cultural heritage preservation. It also changes the role of the National Library who will be receiving all submitted legal deposit copies and disseminating these to other preserving institutions – the Archival Library of the Estonian Literary Museum, Academic Library of the Tallinn University and University of Tartu Library.

New work organisation reduces costs.
Additional solutions will be developed for the portal, making the submitting of files more convenient for publishers.

Access the Publishers Portal here.

Legal Deposit Copy Act

Additional information:
Kairi Felt, Head of Collection Development Department of the National Library of Estonia, tel. 630 7590, email Kairi.Felt@nlib.ee

Made Viljur Voit, Chief Specialist of the National Library of Estonia, tel. 630 7373, email Made.Viljur@nlib.ee

Krõõt Filippov, Communication Specialist of the National Library of Estonia, tel. 630 7254, email Kroot.Filippov@nlib.ee