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Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 12-19.
The book return box is in Endla 3, Mo-Su 7-22


Rare Books and Archives Reading Room

is located on the 3rd floor of the Library



Mon-Fri           12.00-17.00
        Sat           Closed



tel. 630 7301, e-mail rara at nlib dot ee (rare books and archival collection)
tel. 630 7346, 5680 7346, e-mail arhivaar at nlib dot ee (personal archives)


In the Rare Books and Archival Collection Reading Room you can use:

  • archival collection items, in case there are no other copies in the Library,
  • items of the rare books collection,
  • archival documents; however
    - you can use the arranged archives for which registers have been created;
    - the use of unarranged archives is limited;
    - restrictions on access applied by the transferor of archival documents, etc are taken into consideration.

In order to use archival documents you should previously agree upon the time by phone or e-mail (Mon-Fri tel 7346, e-mail arhivaar at nlib dot ee)

The reference collection in the Reading Room contains literature on rare books, publications on cultural and book history, the history of binding and geneology, etc., bibliographies, dictionaries and reference publications.

Our specialists answer information enquires, provide professional consultation and assist in:
          - finding relevant publications for rare book research topics
          - attributing defective rare publications
          - identifying the cultural value of rare publications
          - providing information related to national items
          - finding out archival documents

Making copies of items and archival documents is carried out according to the Guidelines for the Reproduction of Items.