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The book return box is in Endla 3, Mo-Su 7-22


Registration of readers

?Why should I register?


The personal library card or Estonian ID card are documents that certify the reader rights of registered readers.

The personal library card or registration by the ID card provides admission to the Library and gives the right to use all services.

  • If the user has electronically registered without the digital signature, they can use e-services and personalised services of databases.


Upon reader registration you will get a password that will ensure the security of your personal data when using the e-catalogue ESTER and personalised library services. If you wish to change the password or you have forgotten it, please enter into login on the home page of the Library or use the online catalogue ESTER (My ESTER).

Library cards or ID cards are for the exclusive use of the holder. The loss of the card should be reported at once to tel 630 7100 or e-mail registratuur at nlib dot ee

For a one-time visit, the user is given a sticker that gives the right to use catalogues, databases, items on the open shelves, and visit exhibitions. However, it does not give the right to request publications from the stacks.

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