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Retrospective national bibliography

The Academic Library of Tallinn University and National Library of Estonia are centres of the Estonian retrospective national bibliography.

The National Library of Estonia is responsible for the compilation of the following items of retrospective national bibliography: 

  • books in the Estonian language from 1918 to 1944;
  • books published in Estonia since 1945;
  • periodicals published in Estonia since 1941;
  • Estonian sheet music since 1918;
  • Estonian cartographic publications since 1918;
  • Estonian sound recordings.

 The citations of the retrospective national bibliography are available in the online catalogue of the national bibliography ERB and the e-catalogue ESTER.

 The following publications (in Estonian) of retrospective national bibliography have been issued as printed indexes (may be ordered here):

Currently being compiled: 

  • Estonian-language books 1918-1940. (NLE)
  • Foreign language books related to Estonia issued in Estonia and elsewhere to 1940. (TUAL)