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 The printed music collection of the National Library was founded in 1945 when the Library started to receive music publications as all-Union deposit copies that laid the basis for a formation of a representative collection of vocal, instrumental, film and theatre music released at that time.


At present, the collection comprises 120 000 sheet music publications the major part of which is represented by the basic repertoire of classical music by period and genre. Over the last years the collection has been complemented by the series of works of Eduard Tubin, Sergei Rahmaninov, Fryderyk Chopin, Anton Bruckner, Niels Gade, and Jean Sibelius. Modern music, jazz and rock. The Library also acquires modern music and the top repertoire of jazz and rock music.

Printed music publications released in Estonia have been assigned to the Library according to the Legal Deposit Act since 1935. Earlier publications have been acquired systematically and over the years quite a comprehensive collection was developed. The earliest printed publications released in Estonia originate from such early 19th century Baltic-German composers as A. H. Weyrauch, J. F. B. La Trobe and other.


Printed music is recorded in the online catalogue ESTER. Estonian printed music publications since 1918 can be found the Estonian national bibliography database.


More information from a reference librarian of the Music Reading Room.