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Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 12-19.
The book return box is in Endla 3, Mo-Su 7-22


Study Rooms in Addition to Reading Rooms

Group Rooms

Group rooms are located on the 5th floor in the Reference Reading Room – they are free of charge and no pre-registration is required. There are 5 group rooms that provide sitting for 12 persons. The rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and readers may take publications there with them. Private lessons and other commercial activities are not allowed.

Individual Study Rooms

Readers have an opportunity to rent priced study rooms, where they can work in a private and relaxed environment. The single and double study rooms are equipped with principal furniture and wired Internet connection, but not with Wi-Fi.

Books, a laptop and other personal belongings can be left in the study room for the whole renting period. All books lent from the National Library can be left there too, except for the publications from the open access collection, which have to be returned at the end of the day.

The rooms can be used at the library opening hours.

The study rooms can be rented by the hour or day from the Reference Reading Room, tel. 630 7400, e-mail tellimispunkt at nlib dot eeView the Price list

Piano Room

The Piano Room is located on the 8th floor in the Music Reading Room. The room is equipped with an original Blüthner piano.

The room is priced. View the price list.

Pre-registering and renting from the Music Reading Room, tel. 630 7141, e-mail muusika at nlib dot ee.

Audio-Visual Room

The room is located on the 8th floor in the Music Reading Room. There readers can watch videos on DVD and VHS player. The room is equipped also with a stereo system.

The room is free of charge, we recommend pre-registering tel. 630 7141, e-mail muusika at nlib dot ee