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The 7th floor is now officially open!


The newly renovated Humanities Reading Room on the 7th floor is now officially open and welcomes readers. The opening ceremony took place on September 28. 

Modern, open and comfortable Reading Room offers readers pleasant, cosy and private working areas. The head of the Reading Room, Krõõt Liivak, said that readers have come to the renovated room with great interest and joy, and the staff is also very pleased.

According to Liivak, the Reading Room needed renovating and the interior design had to be changed, since this floor was last renewed 16 years ago. The preparation work began a year ago, the actual renovation, moving the collections and furniture took about four months. Some of the new furniture is made by Estonian manufacturer Standard.

The open access collection includes books and magazines about history, ethnology and folklore, philosophy, linguistics and literature, culture, religion and science. Newspapers and magazines are also on the 7th floor.

The collections of Austria, Germany and Switzerland were renewed as well. For more than 20 years, these collections have played an important role in introducing these countries and developing their culture in Estonia. The collections include more than 15 000 books, periodicals and audiovisual publications.

Photo by Teet Malsroos

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Kerti Kulper, Communication Specialist, Kerti dot Kulper at nlib dot ee