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Estonian publications

The oldest and culturally most valuable publications of Estonian literature altogether comprise 5000 items. The oldest Estonian-language publication in the Library and at the same time the oldest book printed in Tallinn is Leyen Spiegel, a book of sermons with parallel texts in Estonian and German, by the pastor and man of letters, Heinrich Stahl (Reval, 1641-1649, 2 volumes). Among the 17th century publications, house books and parish registers in the North and South Estonian languages predominate. The fragments of the two rare books Tarto-Ma Kele Kässi Ramat (Riga, 1691 and 1698) were discovered inside the cover of a broken volume in the rare books collection in 1981. Not a single complete copy of these publications has survived in Estonia.

Of the 18th century publications may be mentioned such items as the first editions of the New Testament and the Bible (Tallinn 1715 and 1739) in the North Estonian language, the first magazine Lühhike öppetus (Põltsamaa, 1766), the first cook book Köki ja Kokka Ramat (Tallinn, 1781) and the oldest ABC book in the National Library – Otto Wilhelm Masing’s ABD ehk Luggemise-Ramat Lastele (Tartu, 1795).

Among the 19th century publications worth mentioning are the following items: the first peasantry law Iggaüks, kes nouab sannakulik ja öige olla... (Tallinn, 1802), the first textbooks, among them the arithmetic book Arropiddamisse ehk Arwamisse-Kunst (Tartu, 1806), the first Estonian-language poetry collection Monned Laulud (Tallinn), 1806), the first collection of stories Sarema Jutto ramat (Mitau), 1807), the first health care handbook Terwisse Katekismusse Ramat (Tallinn, 1816), and Otto Wilhelm Masing’s the so-called peasantry encyclopaedia Pühhapäwa Wahheluggemissed (Tartu, 1818). The collection also includes the editions of important enlightenment writings and popular story books (Fr. W. v. Willmann, J. W. L. v. Luce, P. A. Fr. v. Mannteuffel, C. W. Freundlich, Fr. R. Kreutzwald, J. W. Jannsen, and others).


The only known copies of Estonian publications in the rare books collection