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Beyond e-business: towards networked structures
Paul Grefen

„What used to be termed ’e-business’ is now simply business as usual. Today’s successful organizations are complex, they are part of dynamic business network built on digital channels, going far beyond traditional e-business.“ Paul Grefen

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Personalitöö ja organisatsiooniteooria

Building an innovative learning organization: a framework to build a smarter workforce, adapt to change, and drive growth
Russell Sarder

„Innovative people are the odds with the unspoken dictum of so many companies that ’it is better to do nothing than do something wrong. ’[But] without continuous innovation, organizations are doomed to failure. [Our] challenge is how to learn from our innovations and innovate responsibly.“ Atti Riazi
„To succeed in today’s turbo-charged environment, organizations must innovatively learn“ Dr Michael Marquardt
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Küberkiusamine ja vaenuõhutamine

Hate crimes in cyberspace
Danielle Keats Citron 

„There sometimes seems to be a river of hate on the Internet, flowing steadly through different social media; people are often h

urt, and there is no obvious end to it“ Katharine Quarmby
„We should be less troubled about limiting the expressive autonomy of cyber harassers who use their voices to extinguish victims’ expression. Silencing is what many harassers are after.“ Danielle Keats Citro
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Rahvusvaheline sõjaõigus

Drone wars: transforming conflict, law, and policy
Edited by Peter L. Bergen and Daniel Rothenberg

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„No other advancement in military technology in recent years has provoked as many legal challenges and caused as much political furor as the advent of drone warfare.“ Vali Nasr
„An essential anthology delving into the raging debate over the use of drones in the endless war on terror, covering all the angles – political, legal, moral, military – with impressive scope and judicious balance.“ Fred Kaplan
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Uued suundumused majandusteaduses ja raamatud tunnustatud majandusteadlastelt

 Who gets what - and why : the new economics of matchmaking and market  design
Alvin E. Roth

„Even if matches are made in heaven, they are found in marketplaces. And markets, like love stories, begin with desires. Marketplaces help shape and satisfy those desires, bringing together buyers and sellers, students and teachers, job seekers and those looking to hire, and even sometimes those looking for love.“ Alvin E. Roth

„Markets can often be freer and work much better when they are governed(reguleeritud) by carefully chosen rules.“ Paul Milgrom

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Infoühiskond ja teadmistepõhine majandus

Creating a learning society: a new approach to growth, development, and social progress.
oseph Eugene Stiglitz, Bruce C. Greenwald

„If one’s attention is on the economic long run and the processes involved in economic change, innovation and learning quickly can be seen as occupying the center of the stage. Unfortunately, for the last half century, the bulk of the attention in microeconomic theorizing has been on eceonomic statistics, which is blind to these variables.“ Richard R. Nelson

„An inpressive tour de force, from the theory of the firm all the way to long-term development, guided by the focus on knowledge and learning. Indeed, when economic theory takes knowledge on board – with its specific features and modes of accumulation – many of the conventional conclusions break down, from the welfare properties of competitive markets to the virtues of ’comparative advantages’ in international exchanges. At the same time, in learing economies, public policies and institutions are shown to play a paramount role. This is and ambitious book with far-reaching policy implications.“ Giovanni Dosi
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