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Reading Rooms

There are a total of 11 reading rooms in the National Library. Their locations can be found in the floor guide.

The reading rooms are subject to different levels of quiet: 
The Communication Zone covers the Information Centre on the 5th floor, where visitors are permitted to speak and communicate at a normal volume, use technical equipment (mobile phones, etc.), and hold meetings and discussions; 
The Silent Zone covers the Law and International Organisations Reading Room on the 6th floor, the Fine Arts Reading Room on the 8th floor, and the Rare Books and Archival Collection Reading Room on the 3rd floor. The Silent Zone may not be used for holding events, except in exceptional cases, which are announced well in advance on our website. The reading rooms in this zone are off-limits to tour groups; 
The Whisper Zone covers the Social Sciences Reading Room together with the EU Information Centre on the 5th floor, the Humanities Reading Room on the 7th floor, and the Music Reading Room on the 8th floor. In this zone, visitors are permitted to speak at a quiet whisper, but talking on the phone is prohibited. Tour groups are required to move quietly through these rooms.

In reading rooms, consultants are tasked with assisting library users with utilising databases and online catalogues and finding literature, as well as replying to enquiries. Enquiries received by e-mail are answered within 24 hours on business days. In all reading rooms, users have access to public computers and Wi-Fi. Contact our information service by phone at 630 7100 or by e-mail at

Reading rooms​




Parliament Reading Room (Lossi plats 1a)

631 6955

Information Centre

630 7401

European Union Information Centre

630 7101

Rare Books and Archives Reading Room

630 7301 (archival collection and rare books collection),  
630 7346, 5680 7346 (personal archives) (archival collection and rare books collection), (personal archives)

Humanities Reading Room

630 7202

Cartography and Geography Reading Room

630 7156

Fine Arts Reading Room

630 7140

Children's Area (at the Information Centre on the 5th floor)

Music Reading Room

630 7141


Theatre and Film Reference Room

630 7155


Law and International Organisations Reading Room      

630 7386 (legal information), (international organisations)


Social Sciences Reading Room

630 7101


Austrian, German and Swiss Reading Area

630 7360